wwd is…

Wild Willow Designs was founded by Zoë Brock in homage of her daughter, Willow Wild, and their nomadic lifestyle. Zoë was surprised to be nominated for New Zealander of the Year 2017 for her contribution to the #MeToo movement as a ‘Silence Breaker’ and advocate for women’s rights and - and was not at all surprised to lose to the New Zealand women's rugby team.

Hi guys!

My background is in creative direction and marketing in Silicon Valley. 

Prior to launching this consultancy and nomadic design collective, I worked as a Creative Director and Brand Culture consultant for various start-ups in the US. Prior to that I worked as a business consultant in San Francisco and New York and oversaw 42 small businesses in the beauty space.

I’m currently based between Los Angeles, Australia and New Zealand, but we take on clients from anywhere in the world. Recent clients included companies in LA, Mykonos and Sydney.

I’m available for consultations on digital web design and all elements of brand culture and marketing. My background is also in retail space design, interior and exterior space design - and, where possible, I feel it’s important to merge your digital and real world spaces so they compliment each other.

My WWD team can find a beautiful solution to every design *problem* you bring us. 

Zoe Brock, founder of Wild Willow Designs