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Here are the keys to your brand new car.

This guide addresses topics including site management, billing, domains, and Squarespace mobile app recommendations. Wild Willow remains available to help with any needs that may arise and, now that your project is complete, you will also be supported 24/7 by Squarespace's Customer Care team and their extensive Knowledge Base.

If you need support or help, the award winning Squarespace Customer Care team is at the ready 24/7. You can reach out at anytime here.

Squarespace also offers free bi-weekly webinars. You can tune in for a walk-through of the platform's main features and ask their team questions live via chat. We do recommend familiarizing yourself with the nuts and bots of the platform (or having a trusted employee do it). It is very easy and we are confident you will love it as much as we do.


Accessing Your Site

You can access your site via squarespace.com/login. If you are having log-in or password trouble, go here.


Account & Billing

If at any time you want to update your address, change your credit card information, or switch your billing plan, go here.

Accessing & Managing Your Account

Adding a contributor Squarespace supports multiple contributors and multiple levels of permissions. If you want to give someone access to your website, go here.

General Troubleshooting

If at any time your website performance seems slow or off and you want to read up on troubleshooting advice, go here.

Wild Willow Design builds stunning Squarespace websites and creates thoughtful marketing strategies for small businesses
Wild Willow Design builds stunning Squarespace websites and creates thoughtful marketing strategies for small businesses

Site Contributors and Ownership



Unless you have specifically agreed otherwise, we have already transferred ownership of the website over to you. This means you are in control. No one can take your baby away from you unless you transfer ownership to them. We strongly recommend that you never do this! There should be no reason to transfer ownership unless you are selling your business. Now that you are the website’s primary owner you can either remove us completely or keep us on as a contributor. 

Inviting Contributors

In many cases, you will want multiple people to have access to your  website. Here is some information on the differences between permission levels, and how to send invitations to each new contributor.




Plans and Payments



Your credit card is already on file and you have paid for one year. Your site will automatically renew. If your credit card expires, Squarespace will send you an email alerting us of any issues. 

If you'd like to add any other features, or upgrade or downgrade, it is very easy. We are happy to help, or you can do it yourself by visiting the SETTINGS > BILLING section of the backend of your site. 

Plan & Subscription Period

Squarespace offers a range of products and plans and this guide can help . Here are some of their subscriber-friendly policies:

  • Annual billing plans are offered at a discount to monthly plans

  • Annual billing plans can be canceled at any time and Squarespace will refund subscription fees that have already been paid on a pro rata basis

  • Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade between plans at any time



Site Migration & SEO



Keywords and metadata have been included throughout your site.

If we migrated your site over from another domain, even with all best practices in place, your search performance will likely fall immediately after the site migration, but will recover in time. These are the SEO tools and features we built into your Squarespace website.

We do recommend blogging regularly to keep your site fresh and keywords current. Talk to us if you need help with this. 

Third-Party Domains & Transfer to Squarespace (optional)

Your domain may be hosted on a third-party provider (like Godaddy), which can be transferred to Squarespace for efficiency if you prefer. 

We recommend you transfer your domain to Squarespace, since this lets you manage all aspects of your account in one place. Before transferring, you should confirm that their domain meets all of our transfer requirements.

If your domain isn’t eligible for transfer, or if you prefer not to transfer it, you can keep the domain hosted with your current domain provider. 


Wild Willow Design builds stunning Squarespace websites and creates thoughtful marketing strategies for small businesses

Configurations & Settings


Blog Category & Tag Management

If you are blogging (recommended!) we have set up categories for you. These categories will self-populate any blocks we may have added to your home page or other pages. A seperate driving lesson for your blog section will be set up that covers this. 

Style Settings

We strongly recommend a seperate, hands-on, driving test before attempting to pilot the style section of your website. Please do reach out to us - or consult another professional designer or web builder - before touching any settings. 



Squarespace mobile apps

Squarespace has a range of mobile apps that will help you manage and monitor your new website.

Commerce App

This app lets you manage your Squarespace store on the go. You can use the app to scan shipping labels, fulfill orders, manage product inventory, and contact customers. Learn more here.

Blog App

This app gives you client tools for writing, editing, and managing blog posts on the go. Learn more here.

Analytics App

You can use this app to view and track site traffic, see the most popular content, and track how visitors find your website. Learn more here.

Portfolio App (iOS only)

Syncs with Gallery Pages on your Squarespace website, allowing you to take and display your work on the go. Learn more here.



Download Onboarding Guide

Last but not least, please download this client handoff guide, A Guide to Your Website, which is another fantastic resource.

The guide covers basic management and provides direct links to the most useful help articles in the Squarespace help site.