GUIDE: 4 Steps - The Definitive ‘How To Post A Blog’ Blog Post

1. Blog Set Up!*

*This section is specifically for those people who do not already have a blog set-up.

For those of you who need to add a blog, when you’re logged into Squarespace, this is what you will see:

Wild Willow teaches you how to blog on Squarespace

To create your blog, click "Pages" and then the + sign next to "Main Navigation" and select Blog.

Wild Willow Designs can blog for you

2. Creating A Blog Post

If you already have a blog, navigate to it in the Pages section by clicking on it.

Now to add a post, you’re going to click on the + sign.

Wild Willow Designs recommends blogging frequently to help your SEO

Then you’re going to fill in the title of your post and input your blog content. This functions the same way as the rest of Squarespace, so you are working with blocks. You can easily insert text, images, button, sign up forms - all with the click of a button. More about blocks and content later in this post.

Wild Willow Designs how-to guide to blogging on Squarespace

Next, click "Options" and update your post URL, add a thumbnail image, and add an excerpt (1-2 sentences on what your blog post is about) ONLY if you want an excerpt to show up on your blog homepage. 

Wild Willow Designs is happy yo set up a blog template for you

Next, you have the option to add tags + categories, decide if you want to allow comments and decide to publish immediately or schedule for later. 

Blogging is a free and easy way to boost your SEO - Wild Willow Designs

The last few things that I would do, is go into "Settings" > "Blogging" and Enable Comments Globally. 

Wild Willow Designs loves blogging and can make it easy for you to do yourself - or do it for you!

Then I would go into "Settings" > "Marketing" > "Pin It Buttons" and enable this for blogs. Pinterest is one of my favourite ways for driving traffic + you want to make it easy for people to share your content.

How to blog on Squarespace - by Wild Willow Designs


3. Okay Great. What About Content?!

The most important thing to know is that Squarespace works in blocks. So you can add any type of content that you want by using the grey teardrop shape that shows up whenever you hover over a space in Editing Mode. So if I click on this, you’ll see that I could add text, video, images, buttons and much more.


I recommend building a template for your blog so they all look basically the same. We can also do this for you if it’s overwhelming.

4. How To Build A Blog Template

You might want to have a blog template with a sidebar, blog post graphic, video and a button telling people to subscribe to something. All of your blog posts should follow this same or very similar structure.

Rather than having to reinsert these blocks each time, it's MUCH faster to create a blog post template.

Here's how to do it:

In Squarespace, you're going to go to your Blog area, click on the + sign and title this Blog Post Template.

Blog post template how-to - Wild Willow Designs

Next, you're going to insert the blocks that you regularly use. For example, this might be an image block and then a heading block and a video block.  You might have a sidebar, an about section, a contact button and / or a bio. Just leave all of these blank and save the draft WITHOUT PUBLISHING IT!

A guide to creating a blog template - Wild Willow Designs

Now, anytime that you need to write a post, you're going to click on this Blog Post Template, click Edit, and then you're going to hit Duplicate. This will copy everything over and give you that starting point. You can delete anything you don’t want, or add anything you do, but you have a basic skeleton of a blog post all set up and ready to go!

Easy tips to creating a blog template - Wild Willow Design

So you would just put in your title and then you can fill in the blanks rather than having to construct it from scratch. This saves me a ton of time and will do the same for you.


  1. Be very careful with image size. Don’t post anything too small and grainy. Use the search feature in pics to find free stock photos!

  2. Update the SEO on all your images. Add a description and keywords to the bar underneath your new image before you apply it.

  3. Utilize tags! Add keywords to this section and the name of your business

  4. If you’re creating a template with a sidebar, you will often need to turn this on in Style Editor before it becomes visible.

  5. Have fun!


If you need help designing your blog template we are happy to help! If you need help creating content and blogging plans we are experts at it and LOVE doing it.

xx WWD