WINNER ANNOUNCED! Bali Street Mums Project

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the FREE website design and build (valued between USD$7-10K) is The Bali Street Mums Project.

We will be working hard over the next several weeks to create a website with an online store, blog, donation capabilities and all the bells and whistles they need to help them help more women and children.

To donate immediately to The Bali Street Mums please visit their Facebook Page

About The Bali Street Mums Project:

The Bali Street Mum Project works with impoverished mothers and children who are begging on the streets of Kuta. The children are in danger on the streets, often they will die young. Or be abducted and attacked by a rising number of  international paedophiles entering Bali. We also work with mothers and children who are trash picking at the Denpasar Rubbish Dump.

We provide refuge and training for all the mothers and children. And a decent income so that they do not need to take their children back to the streets or trash pick. At the same time we sponsor their children through school, provide nutrition and better living conditions.

We work with two different groups of impoverished women and children

The first group is families from the mountain villages on Mount Batur and Agung. These villages have no water, no schools, no medical clinics.  For at least 3 generations the mothers of these villages have brought their children to the streets of Denpasar and Kuta to beg. The children are sent onto the roads to approach cars at traffic lights and sell bracelets.  Their mothers will hide by the side of the road.  The children are at great risk from being assaulted and kidnapped by international pedophiles and the pollution from the cars. They often die young. When they come to Denpasar they live in huts beside the river.

We work with the mums to teach them new skills: making jewelery, hand sewn dolls, bags and other items.  They are paid an income and incentives to not take their children to the streets.  The children are schooled.  The small children – by a part-time teacher, and the older ones are going to a bridging school. We work with 20 mothers and around 50 of their children. We are able to pay the mothers an income but rely on donations to school the children, move the families into a safe house, provide them food and medical help.

The Bali Street Mums Project - Wild Willow Designs competition winner for a free website!
The Bali Street Mums Project - winners of the free Wild Willow website giveaway.