WEBSITE GIVEAWAY: A Free Website To A Registered Non-Profit

We want to help you help more. It’s that simple.

Are you a registered non-profit organization doing great things in areas that include (but are not limited to) women’s rights, the protection of children, minorities, animals or the environment? Do you need a beautiful and professional website to help take your mission to the next level?

We are gifting the completely free* design and build of a Squarespace hosted website to one lucky organization.

*domain hosting fees and other fees for email accounts and ecommerce or any other fee aside from design and build are not included

Application Process:

Simply fill in this form and tell us about your amazing contributions and how we can help you take your vision and project to the next level.

Thank you for your service.

Name *
What is your mission? Who do you help and how?

We will create a shortlist and, if you’re on it, reach out to you for a chat.

Winner will be announced March 15th.

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