CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Ravens Nest Consulting

Congratulations to Ravens Nest Consulting for launching their brand new business and website yesterday.

Our client came to us a week ago and said “I think there’s a niche I can fill, can you build me a website and come up with the branding?”.

We said “Hell yeah!”

So we built them this site. It’s clean, simple, informative and precise. Talk about a quick turnaround!

Job Included

Brand concept / Logo

Business Cards / printed marketing material

Website Design & Build

Updated, more thoughtful content and integrated SEO

Mobile optimization

Content and copywriting

RNC is a boutique business affairs service for the Music, Entertainment and Creative Industries providing contractual, rights management and business structuring services to clients at all levels.

If you are in the music business and want trusted advice in negotiations then Ravens Nest is the place to turn.

Ravens Nest Consulting homepage on iPad by Wild Willow Design Collective
Ravens Nest Consulting homepage by Wild Willow Design