CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Lita Brow Boutique

Rescuing clients from bad design and awful treatment at the hands of designers and marketers seems to be our thang lately. Fortunately, with a bit of love, communication, interest and integrity, it is absolutely possible to make a jaded client fall back in love with the process and rebuild a sense of hope that they can trust people in the digital space, and have autonomy over their own digital strategy.

Lita brow Boutique is one of our favorite recent endeavors. As a designer it’s a dream to be given carte blanche to come up with something effective, sexy, and with great UX that represents a brand perfectly AND feels like a dreamy breeze for customers to use.

Being further entrusted to come up with a marketing strategy that will position Lita as a thought-leader means we get to help play with her blog and social media - and really embrace and enhance her already sassy brand voice.

It’s been a lot of fun.

Thank you for trusting us, Lita!

Website features:

Paralax imagery

Auto-populating blog feeds by category on the homepage

Social media feeds

Updated, more thoughtful content and integrated SEO

Value added marketing strategy

Landing pages with downloads

Newsletter subscription

Thought-leader weekly blog posts

Online booking

If anyone in Sydney wants the absolute best in eyebrow grooming and/or cosmetic tattooing I strongly recommend Lita Brow Boutique.