Know Your Worth

Unlock your brand story to make sales pitches that work.

What value do you offer? What's the true worth of what you provide?

When you understand who you're speaking to, you're able to clarify your message to speak to them naturally. Finally!


What it means to Know Your Worth

when you Know Your Worth, you're able to communicate your value and make effective sales pitches.

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When you book a Know Your Worth package, you're taking your first steps toward brand success. 

How? To start your 4-step journey, you need to know who you're talking to to—and what journey you're about to take them on.

Here's how:


1. Customer Avatars

Figure out where and how to spend your money to reach your customers based on their habits

Know who you're speaking to with an in-depth guide to your customers' lives

Target your customers effectively by uncovering their underlying psychological fears, needs, and ideals


2. Brand Story

Tell your story right by clarifying your message through creating a brand story

Simplify your marketing by making your customer the hero

Communicate your value by understanding your customers' transformation

Get quick sales pitches to start speaking directly to your buyers more effectively


What changes when you finally Know Your Worth? 


You'll be able to speak to your customers so they'll listen.

You'll finally know how to spend your marketing dollars to make an impact.

You'll have the tools to make smart sales pitches at your fingertips.